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For many years, I had little interest in buses, with perhaps just the occasional photo taken in passing, but that changed on a hot June day in 2011. I was in the Uxbridge area photographing A Stock on the Metropolitan Line when I suddenly became aware of vintage buses passing by which caught my interest. I took a walk and discovered that there was a vintage bus running day centred on Uxbridge town centre. I spent the rest of the day splitting my time between the Underground and the buses. I then did a search to see if there were any other similar events and discovered a Leicester based event coming up. I attended and suddenly realised that the old Leicester buses brought back memories of my childhood. From then on I have tried to partake in a bit more bus photography, especially in London and my home city of Leicester. I have also attended several bus photo charters and vintage bus running days. In the majority of my pictures, I try to show buses in a scene rather than letting the bus dominate the picture, I find it helps to place the vehicle and records social history with surrounding buildings, cars and fashions.

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