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Added 25 March 2024 - Swinden Quarry (23 March 2024)
A superb charity photo shoot organised by Chris Gee at Tarmac's Swinden Quarry in Yorkshire using GB Railfreight's class 60 number 60085 'Snowdon'. And it would have been rude not to record a couple of images of Tarmac's resident diesel shunter 'Cracoe' while I was there.

Added 25 March 2024 - ECML (22 March 2024)
A few photos taken while out testing with Hitachi class 810 un it 810001.

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Added 25 March 2024 - London (13 March 2024)
A day in London (work related), but with a bit of spare time to grab a few pictures, which included my first battery loco of the year and South Western Railway's BR blue liveried class 455.

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Added 5 March 2024 - London (2 March 2024)
I went to London in order to capture A4 'Sir Nigel Gresley' arriving at King's Cross, but there was time to do a few other bits while I was down there, mostly the Bakerloo Line.

Added 29 February 2024 - Rugby (25 February 2024)
A few night shots at Rugby. I went there to capture two football specials heading back to Liverpool after the Carabao Cup Final.

Added 29 February 2024 - Harriers and a Couple of Trains (24 February 2024)
A wonderful photo shoot with the Centre of Aviation Photography at RAF Wittering featuring the four Harriers of the RAF Wittering Heritage Centre. On the way there, a steam special and a 60 on the sand were pulled in close by at Helpston.

Added 29 February 2024 - 47749 on Mark 3s (21 February 2024)
An evening shunt at RIDC Melton involving 47749 and seven mark 3 carriages.